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Crédito Obra:
Antoinette Bouzonnet Stella, The Entrance of the Emperor Sigismond into Mantua, 1675; Engraving on paper, 6 ½ x 15 ¾ in.; Gift of Chris Petteys

11 - 10 - 2017


The project, which started with a Literary Contest in 2016, reached another major milestone with this exhibition at the Cultural Foundation of Providencia, which showcased pieces by former prison inmates working to rejoin society.

The exhibition, jointly organized by the Chile Committee of the NMWA and the Cultural Foundation of the Municipality of Providencia and the support of Paternitas Foundation, was open from November 10 to December 1.

The exhibition, entitled “Women’s Letters, Volume 2”, showcased the work of former prison inmates who illustrate their return to life in society through various works of art. The exhibition, curated by Felipe Forteza, photographer and member of our founding board, included paintings, photographs, installations, and video.

“Artistic actions sometimes help us express that which we cannot put into words. This exhibition is a window through which we make visible the work of women who want to be heard. It reveals a reality that affects us all in one way or another and gives us hope by showing us that second chances do exist”, said Mr. Forteza.

This initiative is a continuation of the project started in 2016 by the Chile Committee of the NMWA with the “Women’s Letters” literary contest, which received 150 submissions from the San Joaquín Women’s Penitentiary. Inmates wrote letters that touched readers through their emotion, descriptions, and narrative force. 18 of them, the winning ones, were exhibited in several stations of the Santiago Metro and in the Posada del Corregidor Art Gallery.

Drina Rendic, President of the Chile Committee of the NMWA, stated: “We are proud to be able to carry out this project for the second year in a row, because it allows us to show another side of formerly imprisoned women. We believe that art is a universal way of contributing to society’s well-being, since it allows us to empathize with a reality that differs from our own, but to which we certainly belong.

The exhibition came to fruition thanks to the selfless collaboration of several institutions and people: María Paz Garafulic, councilor; Felipe Forteza, curator of the exhibition; Macarena López, executive director of the Chapter; Lucia Ruiz-Moreno, director of Paternitas Foundation; and the Cultural Foundation of the Municipality of Providencia.




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