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Antoinette Bouzonnet Stella, The Entrance of the Emperor Sigismond into Mantua, 1675; Engraving on paper, 6 ½ x 15 ¾ in.; Gift of Chris Petteys
Women to Watch 2020 exhibition, “Acid-Free.”

03 - 19 - 2020

Women to Watch 2020 exhibition, “Acid-Free.”

Organized by the Chile Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA-CHILE), jointly with the Museum of Visual Arts MAVI, in the context of the Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020 exhibition, “Acid-Free” brings together acclaimed women artists whose work centers on the characteristics and possibilities of paper. An initiative of the NMWA in Washington DC, the project visibilizes the work of different artists through an international exhibition program in collaboration with its national and international committees. The work Cornisa del Palacio Vergara (Vergara Palace Cornice) of the artist Paola Podestá was chosen by the museum’s curatorial commission to participate in the program’s international version.

This second version of WOMEN TO WATCH-CHILE – Exhibit Program of Women Artists of the NMWA-CHILE, unites prestigious visual artists such as Julen Birke, Amelia Campino, Teresa Gazitúa, Carolina Illanes, Ximena Izquierdo, Carolina Larrea, Pilar Mackenna, Rosario Perriello, Paola Podestá, Pilar Quinteros and Patricia Vogel.

Among the far-ranging qualities of the material selected, the experimental, ephimeral, fleeting and vulnerable characteristics of this art are fundamental. It is important to note that works produced in this medium are difficult to find and maintain because they are prone to cracking, tearing, and their color fades easily.

The selection proposed by curator María Irene Alcalde features artists of different generations who employ paper in their creations. Some produce paper themselves, while others recycle and reuse paper, resulting in significant and powerful works of art, that tension the material fragility.

Women to Watch is sponsored by the Mustakis Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through its Other Collaborating Institutions Program. Collaborators: Scotiabank, Cimagen (communications company) and Julius Bär.

Image: Detail from “Cornisa del Palacio Vergara” by Paola Podestá. 2009. Pins, watercolor, anti UV paint, UV, fomecore. 3,6 x 2,1 m | Photograph by @calipsophotography




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