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Antoinette Bouzonnet Stella, The Entrance of the Emperor Sigismond into Mantua, 1675; Engraving on paper, 6 ½ x 15 ¾ in.; Gift of Chris Petteys
#5WomenArtists: Women Artists Strive for World Change

02 - 04 - 2020

#5WomenArtists: Women Artists Strive for World Change

Since 2016, the home office of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) has undertaken the #5WomenArtists campaign. Through its social network, the NMWA has posed a simple question: “Can You Name Five Women Artists? “ Organized in March of every year in commemoration of International Women’s Month, the initiative highlights the work of women creators –both classic and contemporary – and fosters reflection on the gender imbalance in the art world.

For 2020, the campaign focuses on recognizing those women who strive to change the world through their art, by addressing social and environmental issues such as gender equality, immigration, LGBTQ rights, racial justice and climate change.

The acclaimed artists profiled by the NMWA include women such as Judy Chicago (a co-founder of the Feminist Art Movement of the 1960s and 1970s); Betsabeé Romero (whose sculpture addresses the issue of immigration); Ingrid Mwangi (whose concern is for climate change) and Amy Sherald (whose work focus on racial justice), and others.

The Chilean Committee of the NMWA also joined this campaign through its social networks (on Instagram and Facebook @nmwachile), inviting users to name artists who advocate profound transformation through their work.   Some of the names mentioned were those of Denise Lira Ratinoff, whose work looks at the fragility of nature; Guadalupe Valdés, whose work reflects similar concerns; Francisca Lohmann, who addresses the subject of recycling with her work produced from computer waste, and Ingrid Wildi, concerned with immigration issues.




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